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Tomas Quinn helps secure an acquittal in a 3-month firearms trial

Tomas Quinn, led by Kannan Siva of Albion chambers in Bristol, helped secure the acquittal of H at the conclusion of a three-month conspiracy to import firearms trial at the St Albans Crown Court. H was alleged to be the intended buyer of firearms and ammunition and was acquitted unanimously by the jury of both counts. As led junior, Tomas secured the trust and confidence of what was an extremely anxious defendant and examined him in chief as led junior. The case involved the analysis of voluminous telephone data and the preparation of alternative telephone schedules to be deployed in cross examination by leading counsel which showed a departure from the simplified pattern of communication presented by the Crown. It was the presentation of this alternative narrative that showed that the defendant was being used as decoy by an organised criminal gang, with no knowledge of their activities, which secured the acquittal on all counts

Two defendants were represented by Queen’s Counsel. Tomas was instructed by Michelle O’Garro of Woodfines Solicitors, Milton Keynes. Two other defendants were acquitted, four were convicted and the eighth defendant pleaded guilty at the start of the trial.

Tomas Quinn

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