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Medieval re-enactment enthusiast Convicted

Kim Preston successfully prosecutes Medieval re-enactment enthusiast.

The significance of this case  has been largely lost in the whole golden cloak thing  in the press it’s had – but this was 7 women of all ages of independently coming forward a lifetime later to support another woman they didn’t know #metoo when they learnt she went to the police after 25 +years to report Defendant’s serious sexual assaults on her when she holidayed with him and his family when she was just 16. The case would have been lost no doubt or never got off the ground as her word against his, very respectable man, lorded in his community, charismatic, powerful clever abuser .

The many others victims who came forward had often only been groped and a bit manhandled but the strength of so many voices provided a picture for the jury that was inescapable of his proclivities for uninvited touching of any woman that crossed paths with him . each account gave strength to the other stories.

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