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Kim Preston successfully prosecutes Ex-Baptist minster Robert Dando jailed for sex abuse

Kim Preston successfully prosecuted Robert John Dando, 53, who was arrested in August 2017 after he was escorted to the UK from the United States by American immigration officials. He admitted 13 sexual offences which involved 10 victims and took place between 1985 and 2008 in Oxfordshire. More information:

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4KBW Crime Team Join Criminal Bar in Refusing New Publicly Funded Work

The 4KBW Crime Team have decided unanimously to refuse instructions under the new AGFS scheme. It is not a decision that individuals have taken lightly. We as a team are dedicated to ensure that justice is done and we cannot stand by and do nothing as the system we have spent our professional lives working […]

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Medieval re-enactment enthusiast Convicted Kim Preston successfully prosecutes Medieval re-enactment enthusiast. The significance of this case  has been largely lost in the whole golden cloak thing  in the press it’s had – but this was 7 women of all ages of independently coming forward a lifetime later to support another woman they didn’t know #metoo when they learnt […]

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Online abuse: do we need new laws? Chris Bryden Comments

By Martin Williams Channel 4 News This week, there have been calls for new laws against online abuse. Theresa May welcomed recommendations to make intimidation of Parliamentary candidates illegal.  

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Alison Griffiths Appointed as a Salaried Judge of the First-tier Tribunal

Chambers congratulates Alison Griffiths on her appointment to the First-tier Tribunal. Appointment as a Salaried Judge of the First-tier Tribunal: Griffiths  

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