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Edward Culver

Year of call: 2005

VAT No: 884952468 | BSB Registration Click Here

Email: Send Email | Download full CV

Edward is a specialist criminal advocate.

Most of his work is defending allegations of serious criminality, but he is also regularly instructed on prosecution work (he is a level 3 prosecutor on the CPS advocate panel and on the CPS rape list). He has been involved in numerous cases involving varying levels of media interest as well as reported cases; professionally he is noted for his grasp of legal technicalities and voluminous case materials, with a reputation for rapport-building with some of the most challenging of clients and the most vulnerable of witnesses. An ever-increasing amount of his work involves allegations of sexual misconduct.

Although the majority of his work is in crime, his practice still encompasses some regulatory work, particularly advice and representation on firearms licensing matters. He has previously advised and represented local authorities, PLCs and individuals on liquor and taxi licensing matters.

He is a sought-after choice as a mediator, both in disagreements involving Special Education Needs provision between parents and local authorities as well as in commercial disputes. His commercial mediation work in particular is informed by his experience at the start of his legal career as a tax lawyer at an international commercial law firm.
He is able to act under the public access provisions, that is without the need for a solicitor or other professional intermediary, in appropriate cases.

What People Say:

“Mr Culver is an extremely experienced advocate, who defends his clients fearlessly but does not shy away from robust advice.”

HHJ (Reading Crown Court)

Reported Cases:

R v McNaught [2018] EWCA 1588 – regarding definition of “supply” specifically in allowing premises to be used case (Click here for full details)

R v Solicitors Reeves & Co [2011] EWCA Crim 819 (cited Archbold) – regarding requirements for wasted costs orders, specifically involving defence solicitors (Click here for full details)

R v Ali [2008] EWCA Crim 1522 (cited in Archbold) – regarding need for Turnbull warnings, specifically in jury identification from CCTV (Click here for full details)

Seminars and Advisory work

Edward has previously given seminars to a variety of professionals on topics including Court Martial Procedure and Road Traffic Law. In his early years of practice he also provided regular updates on road traffic law to solicitors, as well as providing written advices to BASC on firearms and shotgun licensing appeals.

Qualifications and Professional Associations:

Member of the Criminal Bar Association
Member of the South Eastern Circuit

Member of the Mental Health Lawyers Association
Global Mediation Panel 2012
Accredited mediator 2011 (LSM)
Called to the Bar 2005 (Inner)
Qualified as a solicitor 2000



  • Case Profile

    Crime – general

    Multi-handed false imprisonment, assault and firearms case involving vulnerable victim [defending – 2018]

    Joint enterprise s. 18 gang-related stabbing [prosecuting – 2018]

    Multiple counts of armed robbery turning on cell site and forensic evidence [defending – 2018]

    Joint enterprise child cruelty allegation involving hearsay, expert evidence and 3 year old victim [defending – 2018]

    Conspiracy relating to counterfeiting and trademark infringement [defending – 2018]

    Multi-handed Class A drugs supply case involving country lines [prosecuting – 2018]

    Seven-handed people trafficking conspiracy (facilitating illegal movement of hundreds of non-EU citizens out of the UK) [defending – 2017]

    Intentional grievous bodily harm on baby by step-father, turning on expert evidence [prosecuting – 2017]

    Multi-handed drugs, assault, and perverting the course of justice trial [prosecuting – 2017]

    Supply of Class A drug dealer involving covertly obtained evidence from numerous undercover officers [prosecuting – 2015]

    Multi-handed manslaughter trial and re-trial involving steroids and slimming pills (“DNP”) at Central Criminal Court, in a case attracting national media attention (defending, led by QC – 2014]

    Confiscation proceedings relating to alleged terrorist and tobacco smuggler, prosecution claim of over £1.5 million of criminal benefit reduced to £3,000 [defending – 2014]

    Crime – sexual offences

    Voyeurism and trespass offences by a practising doctor on a fellow medical professional [prosecuting – 2018]

    Prosecution of adult grooming of schoolboy involving inciting sexual acts and sexual exploitation counts [prosecuting – 2018]

    Sexual assault allegations by employee on vulnerable patients in an old people’s home [prosecuting – 2018]

    Historic allegations on minors, including rape, involving prisoner currently in custody for like offences [defending – 2018]

    Multiple sexual assaults by stepfather on adult victim [prosecuting – 2018]

    Historic allegations involving multiple rapes made by two daughters against father [defending – 2017]

    Controlling and coercive behaviour against wife and multiple sexual assaults against step daughter [prosecuting – 2017]

    Historic intra-family sexual assault allegations, including contemporaneous reporting of allegations [defending – 2016]

    Retrial of multiple counts of anal rape by father of daughter [defending – 2015]

    Penetrative sexual assault on child by drug user involving deceit as to age [defending – 2015]

    Historic sexual allegations involving 18 specimen counts including oral rape of three unrelated male victims in a highly-charged case [defending – 2015]