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Janick Fielding

Year of call: 1997

VAT No: 798745058 | BSB Registration Click Here

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Specialist CV

Serious Crime (Download)

Civil & Criminal Fraud (Download)

Regulatory, Judicial Review,Tribunal and Police Actions (Download)

Private Road Traffic (Download),

Mediation & ADR (Download)

Qualifications and Professional Associations BA Anthropology & Law (LSE) Called to the Bar by the Inner Temple 1997 Member of the Criminal Bar Association

Areas of Specialisation

An experienced trial advocate, Janick is most often called upon to fight difficult cases in which the odds are stacked against the client. Well known for his fearless cross-examination and excellent closing speeches, Janick has for over twenty years been a first choice for solicitors who have attracted challenging cases, difficult situations and defendants who adamantly refuse to plead in the face of overwhelming evidence. Many of his finest results have come from those cases where the client has already sacked previous counsel after unwanted pressure to plead guilty has been applied.

Janick’s tactical skills are increasingly called upon early in a case, sometimes even before a client is charged. His attention to detail and desire to prepare thoroughly to meet and address potential difficulties are well recognised by solicitors who pride themselves on providing a top class service.

No matter how narrow the defence, regardless of how implausible it may seem on the facts, if the client insists on running it then Janick will be only too pleased to fight it.

Janick’s willingness to work closely with his solicitors  is often relied upon in managing cases where the client is particularly nervous or vulnerable, or where they have much to lose because of the devastating effect the proceedings they face will have upon their lives.  In such circumstances, Janick can be relied upon to overcome those difficulties and achieve the best results.

The majority of his cases involve the importation and supply of drugs, armed robbery and serious physical or sexual violence. His experience however is far more wide ranging and covers almost all of the criminal spectrum including environmental offences and health and safety.

Janick is also experienced in contesting matters before the Court of Appeal and the Administrative Court, having taken numerous points on conviction and sentence.

Janick’s practice is increasingly dominated by private instructions, thus allowing him to devote the time and care that each case truly warrants. He will accept a limited number of legal aid briefs, though only very serious or high profile cases.