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Heather Howe

In 2018 we have worked with barristers including Mr Timothy Raggatt QC on two long and difficult cases. The dedication and hard work carried out by Mr Raggatt was outstanding. We hope to work with Mr Raggatt again in the very near future. Also Nadia Chbat on a Vodafone employee fraud. Ms Chbat was outstanding. We have seen Ms Chbat as prosecutor and defence advocate. On each occasion she is an asset to those who instruct her.  Why this lady has not become a QC is surprising. We have also worked with Ms Clare Evans who again is an extremely hard working and dedicated advocate.

On each of the cases that have been sent to 4KBW we have received excellent service from the Clerks room. If instructed counsel is not always available our clients have always been very well represented regardless of last minute instructions.  The support from this chambers has been superb.

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