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Grace Brass

Chris Bryden – Chris is excellent with complex financial case’s. Very well prepared, extremely approachable, great client care skills and gives clear concise advice. He provides advice in a straight forward manner  during conferences leaving clients confident in his abilities and the case as a whole. Chris has a no nonsense approach to negotiation.

Kirsten Allen – Kirsten has great confidence with client’s and is a strong advocate. Kirsten was able to prepare on very short notice and grasp a lot of information in a short amount of time on a particularly difficult case. Kirsten obtained a good result for the client who was very pleased.

Naomi Carpenter – Naomi has been excellent in dealing with a very anxious and vulnerable client in a Children Act matter. Naomi was sensitive but strong in respect of representing the client and her presentation skills are excellent.

Kate Jones – Kate is well prepared and thoughtful in her approach. She inspires great confidence in her client’s and deals with complex financial matters with ease.

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