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Recent headlines about the BBC’s new staff policies on social media and “virtue signalling” caused an uproar. Suzie Palmer, Head of 4KBW’s Employment Team, looks at the facts behind the stories… IT’S ALL A MATTER OF OPINION: An examination of the recent guidance published by the BBC for its employees on impartiality Click here to […]

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Andrew Granville Stafford re-elected to The Bar Council

We are pleased to announce that Andrew Granville Stafford has been re-elected to the Bar Council, the governing body of the Bar in England and Wales. Andrew, who heads the Civil Litigation team in Chambers, was the first member of Chambers to be elected to the Bar Council in 2014, followed by Chris Bryden, Head […]

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WHAT CONSPIRACY? Warnings and lessons for conspiracy cases – Richard Moss

Introduction: What conspiracy? Not a comment made on arrest, but something that should be at the forefront of every practitioner’s mind when considering a conspiracy indictment. What is the precise conspiracy that is being alleged? Those involved in conspiracy cases cannot say they have not been warned. Click below for the full article. Conspiracy

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Black Lives Matter Protests – Members as Legal Observers

Chambers’ members Jyoti Wood, Darren Almeida, Ben Haseldine, James Batten and Kate Jones have been supporting the Black Lives Matter protests over the past couple of weeks as Legal Observers through Black Protests Legal Support UK.  

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The worth of immigration detainees – £1 per hour?

In this Immigration update Tori Adams looks at the rate of pay for immigration detainees.   Under the Detention Services Order 01/2013 (“DSO”), paragraph 16, immigration detainees are paid £1 per hour for work done, or £1.25 for specified projects. Under paragraph 17, detain-ees may not be paid at any other rate. An exam-ple given […]

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