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Information for Clients

Under regulations from our professional body The Bar Standards Board we are obliged to make available information about our barristers and chambers.

Contractual Terms:

From 31st January 2013 the terms under which we accept work will change. All cases will be accepted under contractual terms. A copy of our terms can be downloaded by clicking here. 


Our barristers normally provide their services on an hourly rate basis but fixed fees can also be agreed. Please feel free to contact our clerks for a quote on 0207 822 7000 or by email to

Diversity Data:

Please click here to view our diversity data which was last updated in March 2022.

updated information is due to be gathered and published shortly but this process has been postponed temporarily due to the current global pandemic

VAT Registration:

Details of individual barristers VAT status can be found on the barristers own profile page.

Barristers Registered Name with the BSB:

Click here to search the register

Legal Ombudsman’s Decisions:

Click here to search the register

Barristers Insurance:

All of our barristers hold professional indemnity insurance provided by the Bar Mutual Indemnity Fund.


Chambers has a complaints procedure which can be downloaded here

CFA Agreements:

We use APIL/PIBA 9 CFA Agreement download a copy here