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Richard Moss

Year of call: 2005

VAT No: 947928562 | BSB Registration Click Here

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Richard is Head of the 4KBW Crime Team and is an experienced criminal advocate. He is known for providing an effective and efficient service for both lay and professional client delivering quality oral and written advocacy.

Defence Experience

Richard accepts instructions for both publicly funded and private clients in the Crown Court and private clients in the Magistrates’ Court.

Notable acquittals include for murder, assault of a child by penetration, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, sexual activity by a carer with persons lacking capacity, sexual assault, wilful neglect by a carer, possession of class A drugs with intent to supply, s.18 GBH, possession of firearms and other weapons, dangerous driving, perverting the course of justice, violent disorder, robbery, theft in breach of trust (by a carer) and racially aggravated offences. Additionally he has successfully undertaken appeals to the Court of Appeal.

He is experienced at dealing with:

  • Confiscation proceedings;
  • Sexual offences including offences of outraging public decency, voyeurism, assault by penetration, sexual assault, possession and distribution of indecent images);
  • Violent offences including murder, s.18 GBH, threats to kill and kidnap;
  • Public Order offences including violent disorder;
  • Prison Mutiny;
  • Firearms offences including possession of firearms with intent and possession of disguised weapons;
  • Offences against property including arson with intent to endanger life,
  • Dishonesty offences including multi handed conspiracies, fraud, blackmail, robbery (whilst in possession of an imitation firearm) and aggravated burglary;
  • Drug offences including multi handed conspiracies to supply Class A and cases engaging human trafficking and modern slavery legislation offences;
  • Perverting the course of justice;
  • Offences aggravated by racial, sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination.

Other notable defence work has included conspiracy to import counterfeit medicines and environmental, health and safety, statutory nuisance and trading standards offences. He has extensive experience in dealing with defendants with mental health issues.

He maintains a strong road traffic practice receiving frequent instructions in such cases, including homicide offences involving driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

 Prosecution Experience

Richard is a level 3 prosecutor on the CPS list. He is appointed to the RASSO panel.

Notable prosecutions have included for s.18 GBH, causing death by dangerous driving, firearms offences, brothel keeping and under the Computer Misuse Act. Other significant experience encompasses kidnap, aggravated burglary, multi handed drug conspiracies (including cases involving modern slavery and human trafficking), various sexual offences (including distribution of indecent images and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity), controlling or coercive behaviour, perverting the course of justice, bomb hoaxes and various frauds (including benefit fraud, fraud by abuse of position by carers and by financial officers).

Recent work when led includes in a multi-handed conspiracy to defraud and an eight handed conspiracy to supply cocaine.

Road traffic prosecutions have included causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving, dangerous driving (including hit and run incidents) and causing bodily harm by wanton and furious driving.

Richard is experienced in dealing with confiscation proceedings and is experienced in dealing with cases which engage the Modern Slavery Act.

Other prosecution experience includes for the DWP, HMRC and under the Environmental Protection Act and the Chiropractors Act.

  • Case Profile

    • R v E [2021] EWCA Crim 485  – Court of Appeal – Appeal against sentence allowed. 38 months reduced to 28 months in relation to sentence for Arson being reckless as to whether life is endangered.
    • R v B [2020] – Central Criminal Court & Court of Appeal [2021] 4 WLR 5 – PC Harper murder trial. Appeared for second defendant led by Timothy Raggatt QC. Acquitted of murder. Convicted of manslaughter. Trial duration: 5 weeks.
    • R v W [2020] – Southwark Crown Court – Following a guilty plea the defendant received a sentence of 3 ½ years for a £1.75 million fraud committed against his employer the Ministry of Justice.
    • R v H [2019] – Aylesbury Crown Court – Successful prosecution for causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving. Case hinged on circumstantial evidence where the defence accepted presence but denied being the driver. Trial duration: 5 days.
    • R v U [2019] – Aylesbury Crown Court – Defendant, 18 at time of offence, acquitted of three counts of sexual assault, the complainant was 14. Defence of consent and fabrication. Trial duration: 4 days.
    • R v S [2019] – Reading Crown Court – Successful prosecution of defendant at the head of a county lines conspiracy to supply class A. Trial duration: 4 days.
    • R v B [2019] – Oxford Crown Court – Defendant acquitted of Possession of Class A with intent to supply. Defence of duress run. Trial duration: 6 days.
    • R v N [2019] – Reading Crown Court – Prosecution under the Computer Misuse Act of a consultant who maliciously terminated servers (hosted by Amazon Web Servers) of his former employer causing around £500,000 of damage. Convicted after trial. Trial duration: 8 days.
    • R v D [2018] – Wood Green Crown Court – Prosecution of defendant for robbery and possession of imitation firearm with intent. Trial duration: 5 days.
    • R v C [2018] – Reading Crown Court – Defendant (addict who had been cuckooed) acquitted of possession of sawn-off shotgun following challenge to DNA evidence. Trial duration: 5 days.
    • R v A & others [2018] – Aylesbury Crown Court – Appeared as junior for the Crown in eight handed multi-event conspiracy to supply cocaine. Convictions achieved after trial. Trial duration: 8 weeks.
    • R v P [2018] – Court of Appeal – [2018] EWCA Crim 1531 Appeal against sentence for dangerous driving allowed. Sentence reduced from 11 months to 6 months.
    • R v M [2017] – Reading Crown Court – Acquittal of step-father of assault by penetration of a child, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and sexual assault of a child. The complainant was six. Trial duration: 6 days.
    • R v D & others [2017] – Reading Crown Court – Appeared as junior for the Crown in this four-handed conspiracy to defraud (described as a “garage lien fraud”) involving a large engine remanufacturing business. After a lengthy trial all defendants were convicted. Trial duration: 8 weeks.
    • R v C [2016] – Kingston Crown Court – Acquittal of young defendant of s.18 GBH for planned group attack using a hammer. Defence run of mistaken identification. Trial duration: 7 days.
    • R v B & B [2016] – Reading Crown Court – Successful prosecution of two defendants for possession of a prohibited weapon with intent to cause fear of violence (sawn off shotgun). Trial duration: 5 days.
    • R v A [2016] – Reading Crown Court – Successful prosecution for Keeping/Managing/Assisting in the management of brothels. In 2017 a confiscation order was obtained following contested hearing for a six figure sum. Trial duration: 8 days.
    • R v C [2015] – Court of Appeal – not reported – Appeal allowed following successful renewal of application for leave to appeal against sentence for distribution of Level A indecent images. Sentence reduced from 4 ½ to 3 ½ years.
    • R v G [2015] – Isleworth Crown Court – Acquittal of experienced carer of two counts of sexual activity with dementia patients. Defence run of malicious complaint by other staff members. Trial duration: 5 days.