We offer mini pupillages during three periods each year:

1st October – 30th November
1st February – 31st March
1st May – 30th June
Regrettably, we are unable to offer mini pupillages outside of these defined periods except in exceptional circumstances such as where a person is unable to undertake a mini pupillage during these times due to, for example, work or caring commitments.

Please note that applicants must be over 18 and we would usually expect those applying to have commenced their LLB or GDL.

What can you expect from a mini pupillage at 4KBW?

The purpose of mini pupillages at 4KBW is to provide individuals with an interest in pursuing a career at the Bar with some first-hand experience of the job of a barrister and an insight into life in Chambers and its practice areas. Please note that our mini pupillages are not assessed.

In terms of the structure of mini pupillages, this will very much depend on the preferences that you have expressed in your application, the supervisor(s) whom you are allocated, and the work that is available at the time. Most typically, you will spend your mini pupillage with one barrister but it may be that you get to spend time with other people in Chambers too.

You are likely to spend most of your time at court or in client conferences but supervisors may also give you files to read and/or paperwork to try, or research to complete.

How long are mini pupillages at 4KBW?

The standard length of our mini pupillages is 3 days. This is so that we can accommodate as many applicants as possible. We are able to offer some flexibility in terms of how long mini pupillages will last, however, in order to accommodate the circumstances of individual applicants.

When to Apply

The deadlines for applications for mini pupillages throughout the year are as follows:

for a mini-pupillage in October or November, by 4pm on 1st August;
for a mini-pupillage in February or March, by 4pm on 1st December; and
for a mini-pupillage in May or June, by 4pm on 1st March
How to Apply In order to apply for a mini pupillage at 4KBW, please send a curriculum vitae and a cover letter, neither of which should be longer than two pages of A4, to

Please ensure that you provide answers to the following questions within your cover letter:

  • why are you interested in a career as a barrister?
  • why do you want to undertake a mini pupillage at 4KBW?
  • what area(s) of law are you particularly interested in and why?
  • how many mini pupillages have you undertaken to date?
  • What period are you applying for and are there any dates that you are not available?
  • how long are you available for a mini pupillage? (Please note that the standard period for a mini pupillage is 3 days).

What are the Selection Criteria?

In determining who is selected for a mini pupillage, the following selection criteria only are applied:

  • intellectual ability;
  • a genuine and demonstrable interest in pursuing a career at the Bar;
  • a genuine and demonstrable interest in 4KBW and its core practice areas;
  • relevant previous experience (not necessarily legal experience);
  • interpersonal skills; and
  • presentational ability.
  • Those applicants with the least first-hand experience of the Bar or who demonstrate a genuine interest in and the potential to succeed in applying for pupillage at 4KBW will be prioritised in the selection process if we are oversubscribed.

Equality and Diversity

4KBW is committed to equality and diversity, including at all stages of the recruitment process, and to promoting access to the Bar to those who are typically underrepresented. We therefore particularly encourage and welcome applications from individuals that fall within groups that are underrepresented at the Bar.

We will make reasonable adjustments in order to enable persons to undertake a mini pupillage with us and we are very happy to alter the length of the mini pupillage to enable those with caring or other responsibilities to complete a mini pupillage with us.

Others Matters


All of our mini pupillages are unfunded. Regrettably, at the present time, Chambers is unable to financially support those who wish to undertake a mini pupillage with us. We will therefore try to ensure that our mini pupils will not have to travel too far.


The typical hours of a mini pupillage will be 09:00 to 17:00 but that may vary depending on your supervisor and the nature of their work at the time. You should also anticipate there being travel time on top of these hours.


You will be expected to dress in a style that is appropriate for court which means smart, dark business attire.


In order to undertake a mini pupillage with us, you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before you start. As a consequence, you must not disclose to others any information that you receive during the course of your mini pupillage with us.


Should you have any questions about mini pupillages at 4KBW or the application process, you should not hesitate to contact Daniel Wand, the mini pupillage coordinator, at who will be happy to answer your queries.

We look forward to receiving your application.