Nadia Chbat update on treason case

Nadia Chbat update on treason case

14 Aug 2023
Nadia Chbat

Miss Chbat has been instructed by Catherine Brymer, of Albin and Co solicitors, Reading, since he was charged on the 2 August 2022.

He is the first person in the UK to be convicted of treason since 1981.

Mr Justice Hilliard continues to hear expert psychiatric evidence at the sentence hearing.

Mr Justice Hilliard has heard 4 days of psychiatric evidence thus far.

The sentence hearing remains part heard hearing and will resume on the 13th September 2023.

Chail was arrested in the grounds of Windsor castle, by a protection officer of the Royalty & Specialist Protection Command Unit. He was at the gate which serves as the main access point into the private part of the castle, where immediate access can be gained into the Queen’s private apartments. The defendant said, “I am here to kill the Queen”. 

The defendant was holding a crossbow, which had been purchased online some weeks before. Upon his arrest, he was later detained until the Mental Health Act and transferred to Broadmoor hospital in February 2022, where he remains.