Edward Culver

Edward Culver

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Edward is a specialist criminal advocate.

Most of his work is defending allegations of serious criminality, but he is also regularly instructed on prosecution work (he is a level 3 prosecutor on the CPS advocate panel and on the CPS rape list). He has been involved in numerous cases involving varying levels of media interest.  An ever-increasing amount of his work involves allegations of sexual misconduct.

Although the majority of his work is in crime, his practice still encompasses some regulatory work, including advice and representation on firearms licensing matters. He has previously advised and represented local authorities, PLCs and individuals on liquor and taxi licensing matters.

He is also a sought-after choice as a mediator, particularly in disagreements involving Special Education Needs provision between parents and local authorities, as well as in commercial disputes. His expertise in SEN matters extends to representation in the First Tier Tribunal (Education chamber), whilst his commercial mediation work is informed by his experience at the start of his legal career as a tax lawyer at an international commercial law firm.

He is able to act under the public access provisions, that is without the need for a solicitor or other professional intermediary, in appropriate cases.

General crime recent cases

29-handed violent disorder at a boxing match involving axes, machetes and familial dispute – defending [2022]

14-handed Class B drugs conspiracy with over one million pages of evidence – defending [2022]

6-handed Class A drug conspiracy involving concerning Modern Slavery Act defences and fitness to plead issues - prosecuting [2022]

Attempted murder knife attack outside court building – defending [2021]

7-handed Class A drugs conspiracy involving multi-year multi-million pound cocaine supply – defending [2021]

False imprisonment and head-stamping (s. 18 GBH)  by son on father - prosecuting [2021]

Aggravated burglary by drug dealer – defending [2021]

Deliberate facial stabbing (s. 18 GBH) in revenge community-based attack – defending [2021]

Murder of neighbour with a spade (R v Foxwell) – prosecuting [2020]

Nightclub glassing (s. 18 GBH) in gang context - defending [2020]

Multi handed-kidnap trial – prosecution [2019]
Multi-handed kidnap and robbery trial – defence [2019]
Multi-handed London gang drugs conspiracy – defending [2019]
Multi-handed cash for crash fraud – defending [2019]
Aggravated burglary involving travellers and minors – defending [2019]
Multi-handed false imprisonment, assault and firearms case involving vulnerable victim – defending [2018]
Multi-handed high value fraud involving money laundering and impersonation of solicitors - defending [2018]

Multiple counts of armed robbery turning on cell site and forensic evidence – defending [2018]
Joint enterprise child cruelty allegation involving hearsay, expert evidence and 3 year old victim – defending [2018]
Seven-handed people trafficking conspiracy (facilitating illegal movement of hundreds of non-EU citizens out of the UK) – defending [2017]
Intentional grievous bodily harm on baby by step-father, turning on expert evidence – prosecuting [2017]

Sexual crime recent cases

Repeat rape of step-sister – defending [2022]

Multiple sexual assaults on geriatric complainants – prosecuting [2022]

Serial rapist of vulnerable girls – prosecuting [2022]

Historic multiple count intermarital rape – prosecuting [2022]

28 count indictment relating to sexual abuse by schoolteacher on 11 female primary school pupils (R v Francis) prosecuting - [2022]

Possession of indecent images of children – defending [2022]

Sexual assault by penetration on looked after child – prosecuting [2022]

Sexual assault by penetration on unconscious 15-year-old – prosecuting [2021]

Sexual assaults by adult relative on child (uncle on niece) – prosecuting [2019]
Multiple oral rape allegations of father on stepdaughter – defending [2019]
Prosecution of serving police officer for indecent images of children and extreme pornography – prosecuting [2019]
Voyeurism and trespass offences by a practising doctor on a fellow medical professional – prosecuting [2018]
Grooming of schoolboy involving incitement of sexual acts and sexual exploitation – prosecuting [2018]
Historic allegations of rape of minors, involving prisoner currently in custody for like offences – defending [2018]


Mediation and regulatory


Conduct of over 100 mediations involving Special Educational Needs of children, between parents, schools and local authorities [ongoing]

Resolution of partnership dispute relating to dissolution of business relationship through mediation


Firearms licensing

Successful appeal of firearms and shotgun licence revocation, despite recent history of drinking, drink driving, assaults and domestic violence

Advising on merits of appeal of gamekeeper’s shotgun and firearms licences following revocation for multiple breaches



Representing HMRC in forfeiture and restoration proceedings relating to illegal importation of alcohol and tobacco at First Tier tax tribunal and Magistrates’ Courts

Representation in taxi licence revocation appeals and advice on use of taxis in advertising campaign by plc
Prosecuting liquor licensing offences

Reported Cases

R v McNaught [2018] EWCA 1588 – regarding definition of “supply” specifically in allowing premises to be used case (Click here for full details)

R v Solicitors Reeves & Co [2011] EWCA Crim 819 (cited Archbold) – regarding requirements for wasted costs orders, specifically involving defence solicitors (Click here for full details)

R v Ali [2008] EWCA Crim 1522 (cited in Archbold) – regarding need for Turnbull warnings, specifically in jury identification from CCTV (Click here for full details)

“Edward Culver came to represent me quite by accident, and I feel very fortunate to have met him this way. His representation of my case has been outstanding. Edward is unique in the sense he is compassionate, caring, and I found him to be completely in tune with how I was feeling throughout my case. Edward’s composed methodical and experienced legal mind won my case. Thank you Edward you won what I regard highly important to me and that is my reputation. I will always remember you.”

JM, private lay client

““Ed Culver is one of a handful of barristers of choice that I continue to instruct. I rely on his ability to fight through difficult cases, his tenacity and realism, and his cool head in complex circumstances which otherwise might drive me insane.””

Jeremy Yuille - Taylors Solicitors

““I have instructed Ed Culver on a whole variety of serious criminal cases in Crown Courts over many years . He is diligent, thorough, has excellent rapport with my clients and above all, gets results . I have no hesitation in recommending him to all legal practitioners.””

Paul Gilmartin - Albin and Co

““I have always found 4KBW counsel to be first rate.

Ed Culver in particular provides clear advice and effective advocacy of the highest standard. He is approachable and gives clear advice in a way which is understandable to the lay client…He has a confident and reassuring demeanour and assists clients to make informed decisions even in difficult and challenging circumstances…He quickly grasps and assesses details of highly complex cases and offers clear and accurate assessments of the evidence and advice as to plea…He is an impressive and highly capable advocate.”

Chris Fairweather - Fairweather Whillis & Toghill

““Mr Culver has achieved acquittals in cases even with overwhelming evidence against clients for us.” ”

Instructing solicitor (London)

““Mr Culver is an extremely experienced advocate, who defends his clients fearlessly but does not shy away from robust advice.””

HHJ (Reading Crown Court)

Call: 2005
Accredited mediator 2011 (LSM)
Called to the Bar (2005) (Inner)
Qualified as a solicitor (2000)
Professional memberships:
Member of the Criminal Bar Association
Member of the South Eastern Circuit
School governor (since 2019)
Accredited SEN mediator (2018)
Global Mediation Panel mediator (2012)
BSB Registration: