Naomi Perry

Naomi Perry

Naomi is instructed in difficult and challenging cases for both the prosecution and defence, in part due to her particular expertise in sex cases, and those involving young people and/or those with limited mental capacity. She has been instructed in numerous cases attracting high profile media interest, both on a national as well as a local level. She has previously been a seminar leader on vulnerable victims on the CBA Sexual Offences Conference, attendance on which is now all but a prerequisite for those who wish to prosecute serious sex cases. She has appeared in reported cases, been instructed by the Registrar of Criminal Appeals as fresh counsel in an appeal arising from disclosure issues in a sex case, and made without notice PII applications. Her work now includes leading work (i.e. work which would previously have attracted a certificate for Queens’ Counsel). Examples of cases in which she has appeared include:

  • Successful defence of sexual assault allegations from wife, step-daughter and two further daughters, in a case involving legal argument relating to historic complaints, bad character, social services records, and questioning under section 41 SOA 2003
  • Defence of athletics coach to allegations of rape of two girls and sexual assault of a third over a 23 year period
  • Successful appeal on basis of inclusion of bad character evidence at trial – R v Clements[Times Law Reports]
  • Successful defence of double murderer involving alleged commission of offences when on day release (leading counsel)
  • Prosecution of paedophile ring from north London
  • Prosecution of higher executive officer in HMP Holloway for fraud where the officer had manipulated inmates’ payments
  • Successful defence of a minicab driver accused of raping a customer – this followed an abuse of process argument which arose from the disclosure of privileged information following a cell search

Naomi defends and prosecutes across the spectrum of criminal offences, including death by driving cases, drugs, and violence. She is a level 3 advocate on the CPS Panel as well as being on the Rape advocate list. She is a past member of various court user committees, and continues to practise exclusively in criminal work.

Call: 1974
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