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Kim Preston
Kim Preston

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An experienced advocate in criminal and public child law. Currently instructed as one of the junior counsel assisting the Statutory Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Instructed both leading and first Junior managing multi-Counsel teams for HMRC/ RCPO/ Central Fraud Group Fiscal Division and Specialist Fraud. Often instructed at an early stage to provide strategic guidance pre-charge. Principally engaged in recent years prosecuting a succession of large scale missing trader intra- community (MTIC) VAT Frauds, Cheats and Money Laundering trials, including defending the verdicts in the Court of Appeal.

Kim maintains her expertise as a criminal advocate of fearsome reputation both prosecuting and defending serious sexual offences involving both adults and children. Frequently instructed to run more challenging, delicate cases with evidential, disclosure or legal complexity; those with particularly vulnerable witnesses or particularly historic allegations. She has also successfully conducted a wide range of cases involving murder, serious violence and large-scale drugs importation conspiracies.

In her career at 4 King’s Bench Walk she has prosecuted for the Inland Revenue, the DTI/ BERR/ BIS, DWP including conducting many of British Telecommunications Litigation Department’s earliest “chipping” and line interception cases.

Alongside her criminal practice she has specialised for many years in public law matters, acting for both the Guardian ad Litem and parents in care proceedings involving serious neglect, emotional and physical abuse and assault often with associated criminal proceedings.

Selected Cases

Operation Vaulter (2009-2015): First Junior to Andrew Munday QC, in a four-Counsel prosecution team on behalf of HMRC/Revenue and Customs Prosecutions Office that successfully convicted 18 Defendants of £100 million VAT fraud.  Confiscation proceedings ongoing with Michael Brompton QC.

R v H (2015): Prosecuted father for lifetime of sexual assaults and rapes on his natural daughter, complaint having been made by the victim and her sister to their school, Social Services and the Police repeatedly over 15 year period before a by then fragile prosecution was successfully concluded despite significant disclosure hurdles.

R v Thomas (2012): Prosecuting a gamekeeper for historic grooming and sexual assaults on two teenage boys, who were vulnerable adults at the date of trial.

R v Singh and Singh (2011): Prosecuting a gang rape on an exceptionally inebriated victim including sensitive racial issues.

R v JS (2010): Prosecuting historic complaint of escalating systemic abuse of niece over a decade.

R v B, B & M (2007): Prosecuting a multi-hander, historic sexual abuse incest trial involving three generations of a family. Successfully defended on appeal. (2011)

R v Dimitrov (2005): Advising in the Indicting, and conduct, of the first Prosecution brought to trial under the new controlling a child for prostitution provision of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and the first people trafficking prosecutions under the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 powers.

R v B (2004): Very sensitive rape prosecution adducing similar fact evidence resisted and upheld by Court of Appeal (unreported).

R v Flitter 2000 All ER 2269 Court of Appeal: whether “reckless” rape should be specifically and separately charged.

R v Woolley & Others (2002-2007) Birmingham Crown/Court of Appeal: Prosecuting as sole junior in HM Customs & Excise Carousel fraud (MTIC) and associated Money Laundering trials over six months: at the time the largest successful prosecution to date achieving confiscation orders of £28 million.

R v Cheeseman (2007-2009): Instructed by DTI as sole counsel prosecuting complex bankruptcy against QC & Junior.

R v Gould (2005-2007): Defending, with John Jenkins QC, one of eight in attempted murder. Client successfully appealed conviction. Re-trial – half time submissions resulted in ultimate acquittal.

R v Multani & Others (2007): five-handed kidnapping; sensitive cultural and disclosure issues in addition to significant PII. Instructed by CPS to prosecute alone against ten defending Counsel.

R v Doyle & Others (2008): Prosecuting with Adrian Redgrave QC four-handed murder of victim with global learning disabilities after long term grooming, bullying and sexual manipulation with cut-throat defences.

R v Malik (2007): Attempted Murder prosecuting against two Counsel: honour attack in religious intolerance family dispute.

-Call: 1991 Inner Temple, Major Scholarship & Duke of Edinburgh Scholarship
-Member of the Attorney General’s A list of Prosecution -Advocates (since 2002)
-Appointed to the CPS Advocate Panel at Level 4
-Appointed as specialist rape prosecutor
-Appointed as specialist fraud prosecutor at Level 4
Professional memberships:
Honourable Society of Inner Temple
Criminal Bar Association
Member of South Eastern Circuit
Registered on Public Access
BSB Registration: